Frequently Asked questions





1) What is the benefit of adding the Black Armour bed mat to an already protected truck bed?

a. The rubber mat protects the lining from scratching and provides a slip-resistant surface.

2) I recently purchased a new truck and want to protect the bed and the tailgate. Do you have something that will protect both?

a. Yes, we have the truck mat which fits the bed and we also have a tailgate mat.

3) My truck comes with a pre-fab liner, will the Black Armour truck mat fit?

a. The contour truck mat with nicely fit over the pre-fab liner.

4) How much weight will a Black Armour truck mat withstand?

a. As much as you want to put on it.

5) Do I need any tools to install the Black Armour truck mat?

a. No, the truck mat slides into place and doesn’t need to be fastened down.

6) Will moisture collect under the mat?

a. The mat is non-absorbent.

7) How can I clean my truck mat?
a. Black Armour may be cleaned at any time using a damp mop with a PH neutral cleaner diluted with water, and spray with a hose
8) Does this make my truck smell like rubber?
a. Over time the rubber smell will dissipate
9) Will the BA truck mat fade and deteriorate because of UV rays?
a. No, this will not be a problem
10) Are there any other precautions I should be aware of?
a. BA must not be cleaned with any petroleum based cleaners. If any petroleum product is spilled on the matting, it should be removed immediately to avoid damage to the matting and voiding of warranty.
11) Where can I buy the Black Armour truck bed mat?
a. Through any of the dealers listed on our website.
12) Can I have it special cut to snugly fit my truck?
a. We have special order custom fit mats through the dealers.