Celebrating Our 2023 Core Values Champions! 



Celebrating Our 2023 Core Values Champions! 


At NWR, our values aren't just words on paper; they're the heartbeat of our culture. This year, we're thrilled to honor individuals who embody our Core Values: Respect for All, Own It, and Results Focused. These champions have truly made a difference in our workplace, leading by example every day.

Respect for All: It's about more than just tolerance; it's about understanding, empathy, and kindness. Congratulations to Bob Dew, our Human Resources Manager at our Abbotsford location who fosters an environment where everyone feels valued and heard.

Own It: Taking ownership is a mindset that drives excellence. We applaud those who don't wait for solutions but actively seek them, who embrace mistakes as opportunities for growth, and who uphold accountability in everything they do. Congratulations Kevin DeHaan and Kenn Silvester for demonstrating true ownership in every task and challenge.

Results Focused: Success doesn't happen by chance; it's the result of dedication, focus, and continuous improvement. Congratulations Greg Galambos and David Lamontagne who have shown exceptional commitment to achieving results, whether it's through maximizing efficiency, driving innovation, or challenging the status quo.



Join us in congratulating our 2023 Core Values Award winners and finalists! Their contributions have not only made a difference in our organization but have also set a standard for excellence that we all aspire to achieve. Thank you for embodying the spirit of NWR's core values!