Echo Valley Water Rescue



NWR's Contribution to Echo Valley Water Rescue


At North West Rubber, our commitment to supporting first responders takes a meaningful step forward with a recent donation of approximately 3,200 square feet of recycled rubber flooring to Echo Valley Water Rescue.

Echo Valley Water Rescue: A Noble Mission

This organization, which is provincially registered as a non-profit and run entirely by devoted volunteers, is driven by the noble mission of saving lives on, in, and near the water. Their efforts extend beyond emergency response, encompassing water and boating safety education, public engagement, and proactive risk intervention.


The Echo Valley Water Rescue Base and Training Center:

To enhance their response capabilities, the Echo Valley Water Rescue Base and Training Center project was initiated in 2021. This facility serves as a vital hub for storage, deployment of water rescue resources, essential "dry" training, maintenance, and operational activities. It's a testament to their commitment to excellence in water rescue operations.



A Foundation of Support:

As part of our ongoing efforts to support our first responders, NWR donated 3,200 square feet of our high-quality Stamina 10mm thick, recycled rubber flooring. This contribution aims to enhance the functionality and comfort of the facility, supporting Echo Valley Water Rescue in their critical operations. As a token of gratitude for our contribution, Echo Valley Water Rescue has warmly embraced NWR as an honorary founding member and our organization's logo will proudly adorn their vehicle, symbolizing our partnership.


Congratulations to Echo Valley Water Rescue on the opening of this new facility and thank you for selflessly serving and protecting our communities. We are truly honored to play a small part in creating safer communities and extending a helping hand to those who dedicate themselves to the service of others.