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The SportFloor® Elite System

Our high-performance SportFloor Elite System provides support for high impact and intense training and weightlifting.

Our SportFloor® ReAction/ProXL Elite System is made up of three layers of rubber that provide resistance against cuts and dents, dissipate shock and stress, and provide energy in return. The ReAction/ProXL top layer also provides an aesthetic playing surface which can be customized to include logos with a guaranteed Pantone color match (±1 pantone).

Our SportFloor® Stamina Elite System is a durable, recycled rubber, dual layer system that provides excellent shock absorption, reduces impact sounds and effortlessly endures the high impact of heavy weights and fitness equipment.

The Elite System is your ideal solution for weightlifting platforms and strength and conditioning areas.

Why Strength & Conditioning Coaches Recommend SportFloor Elite:

  • Ultimate shock absorption
  • Unparalleled grip and traction
  • Added cushioning and support
  • Protects their athletes

Why Facility Managers Love SportFloor Elite:

  • Superior quality
  • Long-lasting, designed for durability
  • Sound abatement
  • Easy to maintain and clean, non-porous
  • Fully customizable, available in multiple thickness options with a wide variety of surface and color choices

reAction Elite
ReAction Elite
ProXL Elite
ProXL Elite
Stamina Elite
Stamina Elite

◆ Colors shown are only indicative, as true color reproduction is not possible

◆ Colors will be matched to within ± one tone on the pantone chart

perfect for:
Weight Rooms • Fitness Rooms and more
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